How to get Adsense Approval Fast

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How to get Adsense Approval Fast

Basic basic steps that must be understood for the 100% Adsense list received. Are you a beginner blogger or want to get success from the blog that you create? If so, continue reading until it's finished, if not just ignore it.
Can it guarantee the success of the income earned by a blogger? 
the answer, can be yes or no. 
We discussed the blog can not guarantee success first . Why is that? If you are not really serious about managing your blog 100%, you just needlessly have a blog without results. 
Is your blog useful for many people? 
Do you gain more knowledge from your blog? 
Is a lot of information obtained from your blog? 
Is your blog interesting to visit again? 
If it is not possible that people want to visit your blog, all they get is writing caption will not get any results.
Becoming a blogger is difficult and easy, depending on your individual intentions and determination. The difficulty of a blogger is to aspire with his blog to achieve success but does not want to learn. 
Worse yet the blog that you write lest you don't understand its contents? that looks so silly.

Does the blog you write share your knowledge with prospective readers? or you just went along for articles that you really don't understand? 
That will be very difficult in the future the blog will develop. because the lives of blogs managed are sourced from our personal knowledge. The more knowledge the easier it is to share information, inspiration, education to people. 
If you are lazy to learn and read how can you be a successful blogger? What you create is just a dream to be a successful blogger. 
Is a savvy blogger broad minded? yes that's for sure. how is it possible to develop a blog if the insight is shallow and moreover don't want to learn?
Being a blogger who wants to learn will have a positive impact on one's self which is clearly increased knowledge that will be channeled back to others through the blog that we write. 
The point is do not expect success if our personal selves do not want to continue to learn. 
Do not want to learn from where ideas come later to continuously create article content? make sense right? 
How to learn: You can googling, read books, watch YouTube education, discussion and so on. 
Continue . . 
Entered in the discussion blogger guarantees success. How successful is a blogger? on the internet has a lot to explain the success of a blogger. 
Can we meet the same fate with them? certainly can.
Not a few people who succeed in the blog path. Those who earnestly manage their personal blogs to make media information for many people.

Discipline of time is also needed when to write, find ideas, everything is prepared to upload quality new content. 
Sometimes the idea already exists but has not had time to develop it. Write down every idea that comes out of your mind, write it in notepad or something else so you don't forget it. 
Don't miss notes on gathering your ideas, making it easier to develop your creativity. 
The characteristics of quality content are content that is able to influence the reader about the topic you are writing, into the flow of your writing atmosphere. Readers do not feel bored to keep reading, explore the knowledge you share.

Making readers comfortable with your writing is the most important point in the blog. Do not write too much in one paragraph will bore the reader. Saturated certainly see a long writing with no pauses at all, a maximum of 4 to 5 lines in one paragraph. 
Write in your own writing language does not need to mimic other people's language style. So yourself become your blog's character. 
One successful blogger is  , starting from zero learning and continuing to learn to create good content that inspires many people. His Adsense revenue is certainly great from the results of his hard work.

The results obtained by a blogger are not instant, need perseverance and consistency.
Is it important to learn SEO blogs? Yes it's important. 
SEO i means "search engine optimization" The internet has explained a lot about Seo so it doesn't need to be discussed again. But don't focus too much on just learning SEO, even then don't start to work. Do your best with the abilities you have hope you will get soething well. 
Is blog keyword research needed? the answer "yes need". 
Where can keyword research or what is commonly called '' keyword '' ? 
You can use the free keyword service at Free Ubersuggest no fees at all. You can research what keywords many are looking for visitors on the internet. Very helpful for a blogger to choose a topic that is targeted to visitors. 
No less important is also setting your domain and blog template as well as possible providing a clear navigation menu easily accessible to readers. 
As an illustration: when you want to ride public transportation, surely we choose to ride a good vehicle that is ready to operate, comfortable to use, huh? the driver finally gets paid money from us. 
Likewise, Adsense will choose a good blog that is ready to slide as a medium of information with all the benefits contained in your blog post pages. 
Prepare your original blog content to continue working and passion.
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