How to Make Your Blog Unique and Interesting?

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How to Make Your Blog Unique and Interesting?

How to Make Your Blog Unique and Interesting?

How to Make Your Blog Unique and Interesting?

In creating a blog one among the concerns is that the appearance, not only in terms of unique content but the whole appearance of the blog must be unique. Why is it unique? so as to possess a difference with other blogs albeit the blogs we've use an equivalent template or theme as other blogs. How does one make your blog look unique and interesting?

To make the blog look unique, of course, by changing certain codes within the blog template code. If blogger friends are new creating blogs and are still confused about changing the blog template codes, the tactic is sort of easy, that is, simply change the essential color of the blog template code that has been used.

All templates or themes that are used must have a basic color and this color are often replaced in accordance with the specified color. And these templates are often obtained freed from charge whether provided by the platform or from the developer, some even premium. Of course, with this basic code, if you employ an equivalent template or theme as other blogs, then 90% - 100% of the blog's appearance are going to be an equivalent as other blogs, and as if viewed sort of a twin heheee.

If there are 5-10 blogs that have an equivalent appearance because the blogs we've , what does one think? in fact you'll think, "Wow how an equivalent display with my blog?"

Although the content is different, in fact there's a touch rejection from yourself that the looks of your blog shouldn't be an equivalent as other blogs and must get replaced . the way to replace it?

As we mentioned above, to vary the design of the blog, if you're new it's better to only change the colour of the blog. the colours that are replaced are:
The background color of the header or the highest of the blog. search for the CSS code during this header ie #header-wrapper {background: #777}.
Overall background color or body color of the blog. to vary the background color of this will be found within the CSS code template that's body {background:#fffff;}.

Color backgorund content. Sometimes there are several templates that differentiate the backgorund color of the blog and therefore the background color of the content. If the backgorund color is white, usually the background color of the content is gray. to vary the background color of the content, the CSS code is template .content-wrapper {background:#eeeeee;}.
Sidebar background color. Similarly, change the background color content, find the CSS code template for the sidebar, usually using the code .sidebar-wrapper {background:#f5f5f5;}or if within the sidebar to the heading tag using backgorund color, are often replaced also circuitry to vary the code CSSnya ie .sidebar-wrapper h2{background:#77777;}.

What about the link color fonts or letters? are often replaced and may also not. If you would like to exchange it, search for the link code for the font within the CSS code, which are:

Or on each element where the font property is about , for instance within the sidebar. Then you'll search for it within the sidebar CSS code section.
Likewise within the footer or rock bottom of the blog, you'll replace it by checking out the CSS code of the colour footer property that's set. Usually employing a code#footer-wrapper {backgorund: #777:}

By changing the essential color of the display code of the blog it'll make your blog different from other blogs that use an equivalent or different themes. additionally , to form the blog look more unique, you'll delete or add certain widgets on the blog.

Why you want to Have a special Look?
So it isn't an equivalent and unique. Maybe consistent with some people the looks of the blog isn't the highest priority, the important thing is different content but what if there are other blogs that have an equivalent appearance as your blog, the content on the blog contains prohibited content, what does one think? What if someone evaluates and thinks "Don't tell whether your blog is affiliated or working with the blog".

This is not excessive, but protecting yourself, the reputation that's on the blog or the items that we've must be maintained, to not be misused by others. Moreover, this online world, everything can happen without our will.

What If you've got Another Blog That Has an equivalent Look?
Although we do not yet have a patent on what we've on the blog like color, shape or content as an entire , a minimum of it's the results of our efforts to manage and develop the blog that we've . If the whole blog has been "made up" and that we already assume there's no more in common with the looks that we make and suddenly there's a blog that has an equivalent appearance, then for the answer is to only reprimand the blog owner with an honest warning, be it display especially content, it's better if the blog owner is contacted well, God willing, they need to figure together to vary the design of an equivalent blog.

What if you do not want to? it's better to surrender. Deferring doesn't mean losing but more mature in handling problems. 

This article is devoted to blogger friends who have copied the template code of this blog and haven't changed it after we rebuked it carefully. And many thanks for those that want to cooperate with changing the colour code on their blog. Always success for you.

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