Which is More Important, Visitor or Page View Blog?

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Which is More Important, Visitor or Page View Blog?

Which is More Important, Visitor or Page View Blog?

Which is More Important, Visitor or Page View Blog?

Which is More Important, Visitor or Page View Blog? Equally important, regardless of the sort of blog, regardless of the topic of the blog being discussed, everything must have both but more importantly in fact is that the Visitor Blog. Why are blog visitors important in comparison to page views? Because if there are not any visitors or blog visitors there'll be no page views, there's a page view due to the visitors. But the unique thing is that if page views increase, not necessarily the amount of tourists the maximum amount because the number of page views. How could that be? Let's study and discuss together.

Many blogger friends including this blog admin want the amount of blog page views to extend , with a rise in page views will make the blog development better. But if it's from us, we prefer visitors first, trying to find traffic or blog visitors first. How does one find blog visitors? in fact the initial steps that has got to be taken are:

Create content.

See blog statistics. during this statistic you'll see what's happening within the blog. Events that occur within the blog thanks to the behavior administered by 
blog visitors.

For example; What topics are seen more often by visitors in order that they always come or visit, which articles are read more often, what keywords are often employed by visitors in order that they accompany these keywords, where they are available from, what they use to access blogs (cellphones or laptop), and other statistics.

Create new content that's optimized.

Where to urge or the way to create content that's optimized? From the 2nd point above. By knowing blog statistics, it'll be easier to urge or do advanced optimization on new articles or content. That way, it's likely that old content are going to be helped due to the second content. Especially if both are optimized.
Likewise with visitors and blog page views , they are available because they have the knowledge contained within the blog or site and obtain all the knowledge contained within the blog in order that they can linger there because the interesting information is as required . it'd even save the address of the blog or site and visit again tomorrow. If there are 1000 visitors with such behavior, then 10,000 more blog page views are often achieved.

Which is More Important, Visitor or Page View Blog?

Once again which is more important? Before discussing what's important or not, we first know the meaning of both.

What is a Visitor?

Visitors are blog visitors who come or visit at certain times. for instance at this point , tomorrow, the day after tomorrow then on. whenever the amount of tourists who come are different in number but not necessarily different face to face , it might be that visitors who come are visitors yesterday.

If an equivalent visitor comes back to your blog, this visitor is named a singular Visitor.

What is Page View?

Many number of blog pages seen by visitors. What page? What pages are within the blog that remain on the blog, not pages that leave the blog. Specifically, article pages increase the amount of blog page views.

Even though there's just one visitor, if 1 visitor sees and reads another article, for instance there are 7 articles that are read then the amount of veiw pages obtained is 7.

So which is more important?

Equally important, the more number of tourists the more the quantity of traffic increases. Likewise with page views, the more the amount of page views blog articles are seen or read. and positively if both are equally increased will make a profit blog and blog owner. What's in it? Many, of course, can make money.

No got to see what your blog seems like , if you would like to extend blog traffic and blog page views, take excellent care of it because the blog that you simply create certainly features a positive goal, additionally to providing useful information also trying to form money from the blog. So visitors and page views are equally important.

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