Tips to Copy Paste Blog Articles into Unique Articles

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Tips to Copy Paste Blog Articles into Unique Articles 2020

Tips to Copy Paste Blog Articles into Unique Articles 2020

Tip to Copy Paste Blog Articles into Unique Articles

The method is extremely easy, as long as you would like to write down and learn to form your writing better. But many bloggers are reluctant to write down articles which will increase the presence of those articles in search engines, many bloggers friends who just write and write without reference to optimization on the article, including all articles contained within the Digital Points blog hehehe.

To be honest, we also are reluctant to concentrate as to if this blog or blog article is sweet or not, including its optimization; whether it's SEO Friendly and may be directly indexed by Google or not. What we do on this blog is the way to make all the content on this blog can provide benefits for others, especially blogger friends who are new.

For blog articles, if not motivated, how are you able to get into the primary page of Google? If it doesn't attend the primary page of Google, does it mean that there's no traffic to the present blog from Google? The optimization problem all depends on the blog owner and therefore the purpose of the blog itself. on the average all bloggers do optimization in order that their blogs can appear on the primary page of Google and one among them is by creating an honest blog article and having an honest SEO score too. during this case, the optimization administered is an SEO technique which will later relate to the sort of SEO On Page within the blog article.

What is seo friendly article? Simply put, articles are easily indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing then on. the way to make the article or writing on the blog indexed by the search engine? for a few bloggers who are still new, it'd be a touch confused about this seo friendly article considering the various guidelines that are discussed intimately and in fact very easy to know . But of all the rules there are an equivalent and a few are different, maybe including articles with an equivalent topic that we discussed
But although this guide seo friendly articles has been widely discussed on several blogs, we also provide almost an equivalent way and this is often the simplest way that basically proved effective in helping indexing blog articles. . This method has been applied to our other blogs that debate parenting. And even this manner is in a position to form blog articles really survive on Google's first page even without using SEO Off Page or without using backlinks or optimization help from other blogs.

Here are some samples of screenshoot results from several keywords that successfully display our blog about parenting:

How to Make SEO Friendly Blog Articles?

There are many keywords employed by large blogs that debate parenting topics and our blog is that the only blog that uses a custom domain to succeed on the primary page of Google and survive without using backlinks. How can we roll in the hay all? the key is that we only use optimization on blog articles that we make by listening to a number of the structures that are often employed by large blogs or websites or termed SEO On Page in articles.

One of the SEO On Page articles is to form the simplest article possible in order that it can make the article easier to index and appear on the primary page of Google. Here's how we roll in the hay in creating good articles for SEO:

1. Use User Friendly Article Titles

When you look for something on Google, how does one do this search? Is it employing a question sentence or direct sentence? within the past, if people were trying to find something Google focused more on direct searches using direct words or words, for instance they need to try to to facial treatments, then there are several options they might neutralize the search, namely: the way to make a gorgeous face then that a gorgeous face.

As a blog owner and when writing articles, what quite title does one make? As for us, we use the title with the question option and use numbers if within the article there's an option. samples of article titles that we made:
So that the home is Always Clean & Neat
How to keep the house clean and tidy?
10 Ways to form Houses Look Clean & Tidy
Here's the way to Make The House Always Clean & Tidy
This is what causes the home is not clean and tidy

2. Use Keywords In Article Title This

point must be done because the most think about Google's indexing is that the main keywords (keywords) that are targeted within the articles created. For this reason, so as to simply index blog articles, put the most keywords within the article title. If only within the article, the results are but even the article is difficult to index. Because if sorted consistent with crawlers by Google are the title, description, content of articles, images and links.

If the contents of the article are the most keywords the most keywords, the title is that the main keywords, the relevance of the article itself becomes a crucial think about the index and SEO On Page. within the title it's better to place it within the beginning, if you'll , if you cannot keep installing the most keywords, the important thing isn't at the top of the article title.

3. Use Keywords within the First Paragrap

Pay attention to writing articles within the first paragraph on your blog. Writing for blogs and books is different albeit within the main point of writing must be displayed, except for blogs, writing articles isn't just for yourself et al. but also for the engine! It's Google Bot! For that, if you would like articles written during a blog to be indexed by Google, use the most keywords ranging from the start of the writing ie the title and therefore the first paragraph must have the most keywords targeted.

4. Use the Keyword within the Last Paragrap

Same because the first paragraph, enter the most keywords or keywords during this section. If not, put the article title back.

5. Repetition of Keywords in Articles

Many say that writing too many keywords during a blog article will make the article bad on search engines, aka difficult to index because articles that contain many keywords are considered spam articles. But all that's now not valid albeit you repeat tons of keywords, with the condition that the article you write is described naturally, easy to read and doesn't cause confusion. And Google itself considers that the article is basically natural, aka the original!

Now that Google understands the structure of written blog articles, Google is smarter than 10 years ago in analyzing an indexed article and placed on the primary page.

6. Using Keywords in Article Images

All bloggers already know that images can't be indexed by indexing robots, they index images due to the ALT attribute (tag) installed within the HTML of the image. For that to form the image easily indexed, use the ALT tag that describes the image consistent with the most keywords targeted.

7. Using the H3 Keyword Heading Tag within the Middle of the Article

Many recommend putting a h3 heading tag within the article and this heading is typically placed within the middle of the article. By installing this heading tag will make the structure of the blog article better because all the components are met. To use this hedaing tag, in fact there must be a keyword in it, if you cannot create a heading tag that has the most keywords, just use the title of the article and make the heading within the middle of the article.

8. Using the H4 Keyword Heading Tag Before the Last Paragrap

Similar to using the h3 (h2) heading that we've mentioned above, except for installation before the last paragraph. And also confirm if the article consists of only 500 words, then the utilization of the h4 heading isn't necessary. Or this is often only optional if indeed the article created features a long word or character.

9. Install Internal Links In Articles

Too many links will make Google bot or other program bot will have difficulty in doing crawlers because additionally to browsing the whole contents of the article, this bot also checks the links installed within the article. The link we mean here is manually linking links, not related link posts within the article.

For the installation of those links are article links that are still associated with articles created or that have an equivalent topic and category. For the installation of links within the article there are a minimum of 3-4 links to other articles on an equivalent blog. 

And here's the way to write it:

  • Link to other articles within the blog
  • Link to the article itself
  • Link to homepage
  • Why can't I link to irrelevant articles? Because Google bot and other program bots not only crawl the contents of the article but it'll also browse the contents of the links installed within the article, if the opposite article links have relevant content, it'll facilitate indexing of the article itself. And this is often one among the explanations why you ought to search for backlinks that are relevant to the blog topic.

10. Article Description

Blogspot already features a Search Description column that's wont to write or install descriptions of blog articles. And in Wordpress, there's an beat One SEO or Yoast SEO plugin that's wont to maximize the outline of a piece of writing . But does one know if there are some senior bloggers who never write an outline of the article they made. the rationale is in order that Google bots or other search bots that crawl the contents of the article are in accordance with the targeted keywords within the article or in accordance with the keywords that are searched on the search page.

If the search performed has relevancy to crawling done by spiders (google blogs, etc) then, the outline of a piece of writing will appear automatically on the search page consistent with the relevance of the search keywords.

But if you would like to place a piece of writing description, confirm to place the most keywords or keywords within the description. If you cannot write an outline , just copy the sentence from the primary paragraph of the blog article.

11. Bold Punctuation, Underline, Italic For Keywords

In the past many bloggers were very ambitious with this punctuation when writing articles, the explanations for using these punctuation to be easily indexed by Google. But now this punctuation has begun to be abandoned because Google already understands quality articles and not. So punctuation isn't used anymore and isn't a rule out indexing.

It's not easy to form articles that need to follow Google's rules because when writing articles, it follows the principles that sometimes are still not indexed, while articles that are mediocre are literally indexed by Google. Indeed many factors to work out it all and therefore the outcome remains in Google's decision.

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