Is Becoming A Blogger Talent

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Is Becoming A Blogger Talent

Is Becoming A Blogger Talent

Is Becoming A Blogger Talent 

Whether an individual's talent is to be desired isn't determined from where he came from or the determination determined by God since he was created, but an individual's talent can come from his diligence in practicing diligently to urge what he wants.

Although God has given a destiny to someone to be what He has determined (His Decree), but we all also don't know what's determined by God. We are all given a mind by God in order that we will use reason to think and find solutions to the issues we face.

If we hand over on one reason due to a nasty situation that creates us unable to realize what we would like , it doesn't mean we cannot do this , it doesn't mean we don't have the talent for what we've done. But simply because of the cliché problem that creates us hand over that's not focused, inconsistent, and simply hand over .

If God gave that destiny since we were born or since our names were written in Lawh Mahfudz and everything, from the time we were born until the Day of Judgment, then in fact we might definitely prefer a far better destiny. Not like this, but become an upscale person and tons of wealth, generous and modest, diligent in worship and look after others.

If it were like that, would we actually be satisfied with our destiny to be rich from birth? Or don't we still feel inadequate and need something else? for instance , married 4? Or have a really handsome husband? :)

Is not one among attribute never satisfied with what they have? From all the knowledge they have?

Still remember the story of the Prophet Adam? Khuldi tragedy? If the Prophet Adam didn't eat the fruit due to the persuasion of Satan, maybe we all will still be in heaven. However, Allah willed otherwise, the Prophet Adam was moved to earth.

Despite the incident of the Khuldi fruit, actually Allah will still move the Prophet Adam to earth because from the start of his creation, Allah has told the Angels that Allah created man to be a caliph who would guard or damage the world . albeit the Angels oppose it, but that's the decree of God and humans remain on earth, not in heaven.

Heaven is merely for those that obey worship God as a gift . and therefore the Prophet Adam didn't worship but had special privileges and had been placed in heaven because God wanted to check it, but the test failed.

Same with us, what does one want to be? What are our ideals? What can we want? Well we've to figure , we've to undertake and do not forget to worship and pray.

The destiny determined by God isn't the destiny we must lament, but there must be a change we make. God also won't let every effort of His servants who really try, albeit that destiny has been determined. And even God promised, "Pray you to Me, i will be able to surely grant your request" and also God gives a chance to every of His servants, "Surely God doesn't change the condition of nation in order that they change things that's in themselves."

Likewise to become a blogger, becoming a blogger is extremely easy, not a matter of talent or not talent. What needs talent is to be a magician or circus performer who has got to train harder and be more focused. It's harder than being a blogger.

To become a blogger, you simply got to use a laptop, no laptops use mobile phones, neither of them attend the web cafe. No laptop, no cellphone, no internet cafe, wiss please ae .. Just occupy home and do not got to be a blogger.

Why does one need a laptop, cellphone or internet cafe? Because one among these electronic media is employed to open the web . And besides that, internet data packages also are needed to access the web . If the web has been opened, open Google and do an enquiry on the way to Create a Blog on Blogspot .

There are numerous that debate about the way to create a blog, everything has been presented fully from A to Z, everything is there. And now it depends on us who want to find out it. does one want it or not? If you are doing not want it means there's no intention tobecome a blogger . Because those mentioned as bloggers are people whose activities are blogging or who have already got blogs, blogs that are well managed.

So, still blaming God isn't fair? How God is fair once we ourselves don't want to undertake . Even bad jobs are still protected by God, like thieves, thieves, pickpockets, and so on. God alone still loves them albeit their actions are wrong, but God are going to be angry once they always do these actions over and once again which in fact has harmed others. Then the loss they get is punishment within the world and therefore the hereafter.

Unlike those that benefit , seek luck and twiddling my thumbs , God will surely be even happier. God will keep his promises, which is to form people happy who work patiently and always worship.

So if you would like to be a blogger, study, study diligently, stay focused. Being a blogger is additionally not instant, but it requires a process. The longest if it's really serious, 6 months - 1 year already understand what the blogger world is like. During that point it's become a guarantee of mastering good blogging techniques like creating articles, blog optimization, and so on, including editing blog template codes. once more with a note to focus.

If during that point you've got not been ready to create a blog, learn from experts so as to urge better direction. If you're curious about learning to make a blog, you'll study with us and please contact us .

This article is devoted to someone who has not been ready to create a blog for quite 2 years. Bro ... Being a blogger isn't a matter of talent or not, but of intention. Now it depends on you bro, love it or to not learn to form a blog, ranging from zero again ... Good luck always bro.

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