Impact of Blog Content Reported to Google

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Impact of Blog Content Reported to Google

Impact of Blog Content Reported to Google

In this 1 month 2 of our blog articles that discussed Flexible Kompi templates were reported to Google by irresponsible people, without contacting us and in fact for no apparent reason. We are sure this person will still be there and are available to the present blog, if he has awareness, we are expecting his good intentions to debate more about the content of our blog which he reports to Google. Wherever and whenever.

Because with the reporting that he did, we were very disadvantaged, we suffered tons of losses. a number of the losses we experienced were:
The time we wont to create content about the Flexible v8 Kompi article template .
The energy and thoughts we use create this content, including images.
If this reporter may be a blogger who understands about being a blogger who is in a position to respect others, and being a blogger isn't as easy as he thinks in fact he will do a deliberative consultation first before doing what he shouldn't have done and therefore the impact of what he has finished people other.

If he's unable to understand the work of other people's bloggers, it's better to close up , or if only because the content he gets on other people's blogs isn't in accordance together with his wishes, it's better to close up . you do not need to report it to Google, if that is the same way as he's a jerk blogger who usually only secretly does something unknown, even quite a thief. 

Just a thief is identified.

For the reporter, if you've got ethics, we are expecting your intention to satisfy us. Wherever and whenever. Or please contact us if you continue to have ethics and good intentions.

Impact of Blog Content Reported to Google

If you've got a blog and therefore the blog content is reported by others to Google, surely as a blog owner you are feeling annoyed and swear especially if you recognize the impact of blog content reported to Google. Unless your blog contains copy paste content, you'll not feel confused. If you are doing not know the impact of a blog or blog article reported to Google, the subsequent effects:
The first impact, blog owners will get a warning email from Google about violations reported by others. If the blog has received a warning, then there's a negative value from Google that's accepted by the blog, especially repeatedly .
The second impact, blog articles reported to Google are going to be faraway from search results on program pages, if they're still on search engines, but when accessed articles pages are not any longer available or Page Not Found 404.
The third impact, blog articles are going to be draft articles or articles not published by Google.

The fourth impact, Google doesn't only delete the reported blog content, but can cause the removal of the blog as an entire can even deindex or not indexed by Google. If a blog uses Blogspot, Google will easily delete your blog. If the blog uses aside from Blogspot, the danger of deindex will occur and make the blog not indexed by search engines.

Just imagine, simply because there's a wrong reporting can have a negative impact on the blog as an entire . Blogs that are built for years, thanks to the envious effect of jealousy from other bloggers, make blogs that are built with difficulty as a source of family fortune just disappear.

The fifth impact, deletion of the adsense account. If the blog is reported as an adsense publisher, it's very likely that the adsense account also will be deleted. Unless there's a separate policy from Google that's only to delete the blog without deleting the account.

If you would like to report a blog or blog content to Google or to anyone including the police or the law in Indonesia, please. But first learn the fabric from the blog content, is it really worth reporting or not? Is there material that harms you as a reporter or not? If you're not a content owner, why does one make a report? Whereas the one that owns the merchandise from the content doesn't report, you even report the merchandise owner. What does one want?

Remember, there are causes and effects that you simply do for others. and every one of this comes from God who will give cause and effect to your life, if you do not experience it, it's very likely that your family will someday. We are expecting your response.

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