How to Make a Blog Article With Existing Ideas

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How to Make a Blog Article With Existing Ideas 2020

How to Make a Blog Article With Existing Ideas 2020

It's my habit to postpone things that are so useful but eventually forget because they're left alone and do not work directly . Including once I was getting to write the newest article for this blog, when there was a thought to write down a particular topic, eh because it wasn't written immediately, I finally forgot the thought of the subject that i used to be getting to make the article. albeit it's very fixed if this text is extremely up-to-date, but regardless of the power, this memory is just too fragile to remember it .

I often do this if there are ideas and don't immediately put it during this blog article, the default is forgotten. Why not write directly into the blog? Because the thought that i buy more often when reading news or info about blogs or associated with the blog. which happens once I access the knowledge employing a cellphone. Especially during work breaks, everything just evaporates. Forget.

Likewise when reception , gather with family, with children, while opening a cellphone and reading or trying to find the newest information about the web , about blogs, and other info that's being updated. When a thought already exists and plans to form a piece of writing , suddenly everything is gone, blank and not remember the article to be written.

The effect of forgetting to form a piece of writing on a blog

Blogs that do not update aren't simply because they do not get or find ideas for writing, but there are many factors that make them not update. one among them is as I explained above, because I forgot the thought that might be the subject of dialogue within the latest article to be written. While other factors that are often experienced by other bloggers is because they need not found ideas in creating new articles.

This experience is in fact also experienced by other blogger friends, there are already ideas which will be made the article clothed to be forgotten because it had been not immediately written and haven't found ideas in making the newest articles. So how does one keep that existing idea as an article? in fact , it must be written immediately, albeit only within the sort of a title or the outline of the article in draft form.

Do You need to Be Silent?

When you don't find ideas to make the newest blog articles, does one need to stay quiet and leave the blog not updated? in fact , don't let that happen, don't let the blog not be updated during a few days. Because a blog that does not update a replacement article during a few days will cause the blog's ranking to decrease and therefore the blog is taken into account dead or neglected by Google. Remember, Google always indexes and crawls all the blogs that exist. By doing this index and crawl, Google also assesses whether the blog still gets an honest ranking or is excluded from search results.

So once you don't find ideas in making articles, don't just stay quiet, still make articles just like the ones I made on behalf of me . I often create articles like this when there are not any specific topics to write down about. Or if you haven't been ready to create a piece of writing , you'll also update an old article into a replacement article as I explained within the previous article. By doing so, the blog will stay updated properly whenever .

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