How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Tools

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How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Tools 2020

How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Tools 2020

Increasing blog traffic using tools does look very fun but what is the point of that much traffic not coming from search engines or not from people. Strange? in fact yes, how not, this blog traffic increased alright , not like before, suddenly the blog traffic increased immediately jumped on 1 day that's 3000 traffic.

Now if it's different now, traffic and page views are arranged in such how as if this blog has consistent traffic a day , albeit it doesn't and therefore the traffic that came isn't from Indonesia but from Russia. is that the traffic coming in real human? in fact not, although there's a gradual increase in traffic, we aren't 100% sure that it's real human because all the incoming traffic comes from a referral link from a Russian website. Whether it's a web store website, market place or landing page that tastes from Russia.

Strange? in fact it's strange, how could an internet market place, a web web shop or landing page embed a blog link in it? is that this blog as their reference? in fact not, All of that happened because it had been done intentionally by people that were "Very Concerned" with this blog, albeit the tactic was somewhat wrong.

If you actually care about this blog, it's better to usher in traffic from Indonesia not from outside. There are not any benefits, if there are not any benefits, it's better to bring it from Indonesia.

Is It Really Blog Traffic Like That doesn't Use It?

Nothing in the least , albeit the amount of digits on the Blogger dashboard shows 5 more digits or maybe more, rebuke all of them are just mirages. Moreover, the rise in page views from the traffic only occurs in 1-3 blog articles, not all articles. I feel pitying the opposite articles, hey.

In addition, when checked on the online service statistics also didn't happen anything instead it happened only a decrease in traffic. Decline in trarik because maybe this blog doesn't update for quite 1 month. If this is often understandable, because Google et al. can't provide bonuses for blogs that are rarely updated instead will eject the blog from the search page slowly and eventually sink within the farthest Google page.

Hopefully this text may be a valuable lesson for all folks , and our message "Do not use visitor services or backlinks whose backlinks come from blogs that are still new but claim to blogs that have already got DA PA quite 30. Especially after checking the blog it seems everything comes from free blogs like Blogspot which are still newly created using auto content or content spinner.

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