How to Create Sub Domains from a Custom Domain

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How to Create Sub Domains from a Custom Domain

How to Create Sub Domains from a Custom Domain

How to Create Sub Domains from a Custom Domain Blogspot

Blogs that you simply create using Blogspot are often wont to add sub domains to the most domain and most significantly the blog is already during a custom domain or using TLD (Top Level Domain). By creating sub domains on the most domain, it'll benefit you by not having to shop for another domain.

Besides not having to shop for a website anymore, adding this subdomain also can be wont to create a blog with certain topics which will be included in your main blog. in order that will help the optimization value on the most blog or on blogs with sub domains.

How to Create Sub Domains from a Custom Domain Blogspot

To create a sub domain from a custom domain that you simply have already got , the subsequent steps are often followed:
Create a replacement blog on Blogspot and after it's created, let it go first. If you've forgotten the way to create a blog on Blogspot, please read the guide the way to Create a Blogspot Blog
Next enter the member area page of your domain. for instance this Digital Points blog uses, then we'll log into the member area there.
Manage domains and open the DNS or DNS Management section.
Add a replacement record, select CNAME within the Record Type section and within the Name or Sub Domain column, fill in with the subdomain name, for instance eBookpremium and therefore the Hostname column is crammed with Whereas TTL adjusts to the settings in each service. then click Save.

Then reopen the new blog that was created on Blogspot.

On the dashboard page, select the Settings (Settings) menu >> Basic >> Blog Address and click on on Third party domain settings (Set up a third-party URL for your blog) to use a subdomain.
Enter the subdomain URL that was created within the DNS Domain member area.

If you've got click Save / Save

Please wait a couple of seconds or minutes, if there are not any problems changing the URL of a blog that uses a subdomain from Blogspot will change to a subdomain using the most domain of the blog.

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