Being a Blogger Must Avoid These Mistakes

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Being a Blogger Must Avoid These Mistakes

Being a Blogger Must Avoid These Mistakes

Being a Blogger Must Avoid These Mistakes

If you'll already create a blog, then the primary thing you are doing is assess the looks of the blog that you simply created and begin brooding about the way to make the blog look attractive? Is that right? Certainly yes because most bloggers who have already got a blog, moreover the blogger remains new, what they notice is that the appearance of the blog. Did you recognize that was the start of the error of creating a blog that they are doing , including this blog admin :)

In 2017 there have been many tutorials on the way to make a stimulating blog look, ranging from giving certain effects like shadow effects to the text, text effects that run from right to left, glittering cursor effects, effects of falling leaves or snow, effects blinking text, rotating text effects and much of effects which will be installed to form the blog look more attractive. Because you would like to possess a stimulating blog look, search for the tutorial or guide. All effects are tried, deleted, tried again then on. in order that without being noticed due to the various effects that are installed and replaced on the blog, the loading or blog speed becomes slow and within the end erases the installed effects again.
Besides being so diligent in listening to the looks of the blog, without realizing it seems the content or articles on the blog haven't been updated or rarely updated due to the fun polishing the design of the blog. When the looks of the blog has not been finished polished, the sides of the existence of the blog are left alone due to display problems that haven't been as you would like . and eventually make a replacement blog, hoping to make a blog with a more attractive appearance. then on in order that at just one occasion found a promo the way to make money through blogs. And made a blog that if you'll make money by following the promo found.

Unfortunately, when the promo was followed it clothed that the contents of the promo were required to form good and proper articles. So what if it's like that, when for months just specialise in the looks of the blog and ignore updates and write good articles, within the end blogging again and need to make articles.

That's a touch of the story of this blog admin, maybe even experienced by other friends once you first create a blog. A story that's a valuable and meaningful experience when creating a blog must specialise in content or articles. So we recommend to friends who are new creating a blog, don't just be tempted by the looks , but specialise in making articles or specialized blog content. Changing the looks of the blog design is important , but don't often replace it because it'll be an obstacle and perhaps an error to form a blog.

Mistakes to form a Blog to Avoid

Actually there are still many mistakes that are often experienced by a blogger when he first created a blog, these mistakes are:

1. Frequently change the looks of the blog The

first tutorial which will be sought when it can create a blog is the way to change the looks of the blog. Changing the design of this blog is to always add some effect to the looks of the blog as we mentioned above. Add shadow effects to text, run text effects, colorful sidebar columns then on. So often give effect to the blog time spent quite making articles.

2. Change frequently template (theme) blog

In addition to changing the design of the blog by giving some that he thinks are interesting, one that's also often done by a blogger who is that the first time creating a blog is usually to vary the template or theme of the blog. Usually the most reason for frequently changing blog templates is because the display is a smaller amount attractive, blog loading is slow, there are not any features desired, template errors, and so on.

3. Copy other people's articles

When initially filling out a blog with articles it'd still use articles written by themselves, but because there are not any more ideas then what's done is to use someone else's blog articles, even without editing the opposite person's articles and therefore the harm again without including the source of the copied article. For this reason, creating a blog isn't just making it, but the way to fill the blog with useful content that's written by yourself.
In creating a blog or website that's often an obstacle most new bloggers are content or articles. Creating and writing articles is indeed a serious think about the failure of a blog. For this reason, before creating a blog find out how to make articles and write.

4. the aim of the blog for money

Admin of this blog when first creating a blog isn't to write down or provide information about things that if people are trying to find but to form money through a business. In fact, some blogs at that point were only about the companies we followed and therefore the blogs that were used remained from Blogspot. rather than getting results from a number of the companies that were followed, it clothed that our blogging wasn't governed, the business didn't work and blogging wasn't successful.

Finally, after a couple of months of blogging and had stopped, we finally decided to blog again and therefore the first blog we made was a blog about the review of electronic products and since of laziness, the blog finally never updated again so far .
Back again we learned the way to create an honest and really useful blog, so during a tutorial we found that to make an honest blog is to make a blog using just one topic in order that you'll focus. If it's truly focused, then the goal to form money can come naturally.

5. Too many blogs

Proud to possess a blog is one among the very pleasant feelings at that point , actually we frequently tell friends that we have already got a blog. Very proud at that point , albeit the blog remains using Blogspot. When the pride came it clothed that it had been also the start of our failure to require care of the blog because the blogs we made all failed.

For that, to friends who are new the blog world, it's better to form one blog first, and confirm to also choose a blog topic that suits your interests. Never glance at other people's blogs because you'll not necessarily be a blog that you simply can master the lyrics well.


Because of the various desires and goals at the start of creating a blog makes the mind more easily tired because they need to believe all the items that really don't got to be thought and not necessarily doable. Blogging isn't something which will be wiped out only one time, left online without further action. the larger the blog, the greater the challenges that has got to be faced.

For this reason, whoever we are, whether new the blog world or who has become a master, must keep updating consistently and stay focused with what has been done. Error creating blognot only done by novice bloggers, bloggers who have long too often still made mistakes that each time keep trying to find out to be even better. Hopefully a touch article about this blog can provide a far better understanding for all folks , especially for ourselves, who so far are still trying to remain focused and learn. Thank you

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