VioMagz Premium Blogger Template Free

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VioMagz Premium Blogger Template Free Download by ThemeHint

VioMagz Premium Blogger Template Free Download by ThemeHint

✪DescriptionVioMagz Template - This time the viomagz v3.1 template that I will share is guaranteed to be 100% original, you can also see the demo later at the end of the post to ensure the originality of the template that I will share this time.To distinguish viomagz 3.1 templates with other Viomagz templates or Viomagz, of course it is very easy, the most important thing is that the template provider must provide the demo first from the display template that will be shared.Then, the demo display must match the update of the original or official version of the template display. For viomagz 3.1 itself it's very easy to distinguish it, you can see it from the following aspects:

✪VioMagz Template Fonts
If you ever visited the blog, Mas Sugeng, you will find a quite different font display, now on the Vomagz v3.1 font template or the font is made exactly the font that is on Mas Sugeng's blog.
From the appearance of the popular posting widget
If in the previous versions, the number found in the popular posting widget has a background color on the number that is usually blue, for Viomagz version 3.1 there is no background color or just an ordinary number.

✪VioMagz Template From the Comment FormThird, you can distinguish the comment column on each template. For those who are still using the old version of Vomagz template, the preview button is still available in the comments column, while for the latest Viomagz 3.0 and above, the latest version of the comment form from blogger that has no preview button is used.

✪VioMagz Template Share ThisThe last one is the most striking and easy for friends to distinguish, namely on this share button, for Vomagz version 3.0 and above the share button for Google+ has been removed and replaced with the Pinterest button.
Now that was friend, the things you can spot the spotlight friend to distinguish between the original Vomagz v3.1 template and Viomagz v3.1. For the demo, you can see it on the demo button below.

VioMagz is a very special template. Because this VioMagz template has a fast loading and delicious views, both on Mobile or Desktop. In addition, the advantage of this template is that if it is balanced with targeted keyword articles, it will be indexed faster, even in just a few minutes my article is indexed by Google. 

    Viomagz Redesign Information:

    - Mobile Friendly 
    - Fully Responsive Design 
    - Validated Structured Data 
    - SEO Ready 
    - Fast loading 
    - Mini Blogger Template 
    - HTTPS (SSL) Support 
    - Validated 
    - For Adsense 
    - Elegant one-page style 
    - High CTR 
    - Ads Ready 
    - Respsive Ad Slot
    - Homepage Navigation Onload 
    - Advance Search Engine Optimization

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